Signs of Healthy and Unhealthy Gums

Signs of Healthy and Unhealthy Gums

Feb 01, 2021

Most of us maintain proper oral hygiene; brush in the morning and evening before going to bed, and get annual checkups. But, at times, minor dental problems may develop and go unnoticed. And most times, gum disease has no symptoms in the initial stages. By the time you realize something is wrong, the infection is usually advanced.

That is why it is important to examine your teeth and gums daily. But, how can you differentiate between healthy and unhealthy gums? In this post, we take a look at the signs of healthy and unhealthy gums.

How Do Healthy Gums Look Like?

Your gums are naturally firm to the touch. When examining your gums, touch them and check for any tenderness or swelling. The color of the gums usually varies from person to person, but most are coral pink or a bit darker. If the gums appear whiter or red, it could be a sign of inflammation.

Also, the teeth seat firmly on the jaw without any pocket or wiggly. Healthy gums do not expose the roots of the teeth. Gum infection causes the gums to recede and form pockets.

When your gums are tender, swollen, or have off-color, it could be a sign of a gum infection.

How Can You Tell You Have Unhealthy Gums?

Several signs can indicate that your gums are unhealthy?

1.Bleeding, tender, and red gums 

Puffy, red, and bleeding gums could signify several things. At times, they are a sign of brushing too hard with a hard toothbrush. Flossing improperly can irritate the gums and cause them to be a bit inflamed. However, when you notice that your gums are extremely tender or you have unexplained bleeding, it could be a sign of gum disease.

2.Bad breath 

Halitosis or chronic bad breath could be triggered by gum disease. The bacterial infection is the primary cause of gum inflammation. When plaque buildup in your mouth, they cause the teeth to turn yellow and also produce bad breath.

Sometimes you may have bad breath after eating spicy foods. We also tend to have awful morning breath because the bacteria in the mouth break down the food stuck in between the gums producing bad gas. When you brush in the evening, you are less likely to have severe bad breath.

But, when you continuously have bad breath, you need to visit the dentist for an assessment.

3.Loose teeth 

As the infection advances, it causes the gums to recede and form pockets. These gum pockets trap bacteria, which continue to multiply and affect the teeth. The bacteria can cause the supporting bone to deteriorate, which causes the teeth to weaken. The teeth can also start to decay, further weakening them.

4.Change your bite

Gum disease can cause your bite to change. As the gums recede, they expose the roots of the teeth, which causes them to start decaying. Furthermore, it causes the alveolar bone to disintegrate. This will eventually affect the teeth, causing them to loosen and separate and changing your bite.

How Do Gums Get Inflamed?

Poor hygiene causes gum disease. When you don’t brush properly, plaque begins to accumulate. This is a thin sticky film that houses bacteria and attaches to the teeth. As the plaque buildup, it hardens and causes tartar and affects the gums. The infection causes inflammation and swelling. And, as it advances, it leads to receding of the gums.

Gum infection can be treated with deep cleaning, scaling, and root planing. Periodontal therapy or surgery can also be done to correct gum recession and also get rid of the infection.

If you have a missing tooth because of a decayed tooth, you can go for multiple restorative options such as dental bridges, dental crowns, or dental implants in Columbia.

How Can You Keep Your Gums Healthy?

Gum infection is preventable with proper hygiene. Getting routine dental checkup and cleaning can also help to prevent periodontal disease. Fluoride treatments are ideal for strengthening the enamel and reversing mild tooth decay.

Do not forget to eat healthy and teeth-friendly foods that can help support teeth and gums.

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