Dentures in Columbia, MD

Dentures in Columbia, MD

Partials & Dentures Provided by a Dentist Near You

Once you need to have several or all of your teeth pulled, you have to figure out a solution to keep your ability to eat the foods you love. Additionally, you want to maintain your ability to talk normally. Dentures and partials have other benefits as well, such as their cost.

Our dentist in Columbia, MD, serving Columbia and the nearby region, our dentist can size you for a partial or full set of dentures that are comfortable and give you back what you lost from your missing teeth.

Comparing Partials and Dentures in Columbia

Partial dentures consist of a plastic gum-colored base that crowns fit in to, so they replace your missing teeth. You receive a partial if you have one or more teeth remaining on the top or bottom of your teeth. A dentist near you situates artificial teeth in the missing spots and cements them. In some cases, these dentures have a metal framework to enhance the support of the bridge.

Although both partials and dentures in Columbia replace missing teeth, our dentist uses a full set of dentures after removing all of your teeth. It has the same concept and similar design to a partial.

Both partials and dentures in Columbia may consist of internal clasps to look less noticeable and more natural. Both help you maintain your ability to chew and eat normally. Plus, our dentist customizes each one to fit into your mouth comfortably.

Benefits of Partials and Dentures in Columbia

Partials and dentures are customizable and are designed to look as natural as possible. You don’t have to have all your teeth pulled just to have dentures since our dentist may use partials for teeth replacement. You don’t have to miss out on eating the foods you love or struggle to speak properly with missing teeth. These options for tooth replacement is less expensive than dental implants. Not to mention, either option is relatively easy to take care of.

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