Root Canal Treatment in Columbia, MD

Root Canal Treatment in Columbia, MD

Many patients are uneasy about getting a root canal. There’s a lot of confusion about the procedure, so let’s go over some of the questions we get about root canals.

Why Do People Get Root Canals?

It’s understandable to ask that question – after all, root canals seem super painful. If a patient has severe tooth decay, a badly damaged, tooth, or pulpitis, we perform a root canal. This allows us to preserve it instead of removing it, preventing toothache in the long-term.

What Can I Expect?

A root canal treatment can take up to two visits to complete. But although the procedure sounds painful, patients tend to feel very little of it – our dentists use local anesthesia so you can’t feel it. After a root canal, you shouldn’t feel any toothache that affected your teeth before.

Prior to the treatment, your dentist:

  • Takes x-rays of your teeth and nearby bones
  • Uses local anesthesia around the tooth to numb it
  • Place a thin layer of latex rubber over the affected tooth, so it stays dry and clean – it also prevents bacteria and microorganisms in the mouth from affecting it

During the procedure, your dentist:

  • Makes an opening at the top of the infected tooth
  • Removes its nerve from inside the tooth and a part of it called the ‘root canal.’
  • Cleans inside the tooth’s root canal using germ-killing medicine
  • Fills the tooth’s root canal with a sealing material to protect them from further infection
  • Puts a temporary filling on your tooth to protect it until you get a crown or permanent filling

After the procedure:

  • You may feel some sensitivity around the tooth for a couple of days. Your dentist can prescribe some pain-relieving medicine to reduce discomfort.
  • If the infection spreads, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics – make sure to use them as told, but consult with them if you’re having trouble.

How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

If you take care of the restored tooth, it can last many years. In this case, care means brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste, flossing between teeth, and visiting your dentist every six months.

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