Dental Implants in Columbia, MD

Dental Implants in Columbia, MD

Many of our clients hear about dental implants and come to us asking what they are and if they’re suitable. At Model Dental Clinic in Columbia, we understand that implants are popular dental procedures right now. They replace missing teeth nearly flawlessly. Even you might have a difficulty differentiating the implant from your other natural teeth.

Who Gets Implants?

The primary indication for getting implants is missing teeth. Alternative restorative procedures include bridges and dentures, but the trend is that dental implants near you are preferable to the other two. Not all people are candidates for implants, though.

The idea behind an implant is that a titanium screw is fixed to your jawbone in place of the missing tooth, and then a false tooth is applied to the screw. Those who have weak jawbones that can’t support the screws may not be able to get implants. We might be able to use bone grafting to strengthen your jawbone to make it work. This is something we can discuss here at Model Dental Clinic after your assessment.

What to Expect After Surgery?

Dental implant procedures aren’t painful, but they’re not simple either. You can expect the same things with them that you would expect after a dental extraction, for instance. For starters, you will experience some discomfort for a few days. This can usually be aided with medications that we’ll prescribe you.

You may also experience swelling of your face and gums. This might not be apparent immediately as it can take some time to reach its peak, then it’ll gradually fade away. Minor bleeding might also be present as a normal consequence of the surgery.

We’ll tell you how to deal with each of these and what you should expect. In case of severe pain or serious bleeding, you need to contact us without delay as they may be signs of trouble.

After the procedure, there are a few things our Columbia dentist recommends. You should eat soft foods only for a specified time and use ice packs externally to decrease and limit the swelling. It’s also recommended that you avoid hard foods that can damage teeth, like ice.

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