Dental Fillings in Columbia, MD

Dental Fillings in Columbia, MD

Dental fillings are quite common nowadays, especially for people who suffer from repeated dental caries. The fact that fillings are common doesn’t mean that all of our patients in Columbia are familiar with them. At Model Dental Clinic, we still like to inform our patients and clients of all they need to know about different procedures.

Indications for Dental Fillings

Fillings are used to fill cavities in teeth. This provides structural support, protects the root canal and pulp, and eliminates bacterial hiding spots. Not everyone in the general population needs dental fillings because that would be unnecessary.

They’re indicated mainly for cavities before the root canal becomes afflicted with an infection. Other indications are worn down teeth and for teeth that are broken or cracked.

Dental Fillings Steps

Local anesthesia is injected to numb the area we’ll be operating on here at Model Dental Clinic. We’ll then clean out any debris or decaying parts of your tooth. It would be wrong to apply fillings without first removing the decay.

After the tooth has been cleaned and well prepared, the filling is applied. Types of fillings are gold, amalgam, and composite. Composite fillings are the ones that resemble the natural color of our teeth the most. Gold and amalgam fillings, however, are more resilient and have a longer life.

Taking Care of Your Fillings

Don’t expect fillings to last a lifetime and never need to be replaced because you’ll be disappointed. They can last for years and even up to a decade if you take care of them properly.

Taking care of your fillings is a lot like taking care of your teeth and oral hygiene. Brush your teeth well 2-3 times each day and consistently floss. Visiting your dentist regularly, preferably twice a year, can improve your overall oral hygiene and help you identify and treat issues before they produce symptoms.

Fillings Complications

All procedures carry a risk of complications. Our dentist near you have enough experience to minimize their occurrence and take good care of you.

The infection of the pulp is a complication that can occur if the dental cavity is deep. Allergies to the type of filling used may also occur, particularly with mercury amalgams.

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