How To Manage Root Canal Anxiety

How To Manage Root Canal Anxiety

Nov 01, 2021

Although the purpose of a root canal is to improve the overall oral and body health, many people fear and avoid it. Anticipating the pain and discomfort can deter you from getting an endodontic treatment. Although root canal is said to be highly invasive and scary, the truth is that the procedure is simple and candid.

Therefore, if your Model Dental Clinic dentist recommends root canal surgery for your infected teeth, do not panic unnecessarily. Here are six tips you can follow to eliminate the anxieties.

Be Informed

One of the best ways for overcoming root canal dental anxieties is education. The phrase “root canal” instills fear in some people, especially if you had some bad dental experience as a child or have seen an endodontist display a root canal as something scary. We are here to provide information to relieve your stress.

We recommend scheduling an appointment with the endodontist near you to gain more insights about their practice, their various treatment options, and any other information you need to be comfortable.

You should never be afraid to ask the dentist what to expect during the procedure and about the recovery process. With this knowledge, you will be better prepared and eliminate the anxiety associated with a root canal or other dental procedures.

See the Future

If you are a root canal candidate, know that this is the best treatment to relieve your toothaches, inflammation, and other infections. More so, present-day endodontists are also constantly developing new techniques and advanced technology for more patient’ comfort during the procedure. Understand also that the dentist wants to get your life back to normal soonest possible.

You should try to concentrate on retaining your tooth from an infection or damage and how quickly we will eliminate your discomfort. Opting for a root canal retains your natural bite and ensures you get the ideal outcome when possible.

Self-care and Pampering

Like with any other stress, moderate self-care and pampering can alleviate root canal anxiety. Moments before your appointment, you can give yourself a treat or engage in healthy activities that can help you deal with stress. For instance, consider booking a massage session.

You can also reach out to friends or loved ones who uplift you and ask them for support. Most people are hesitant to talk about their concerns with loved ones, but they will generously give emotional support before or even accompany you to your appointment.

Plan for the Recovery Process

Planning for the recovery period with entertaining activities can help you relax before the procedure.

For example, you can have a queue of uplifting and positively entertaining content on Netflix waiting for you. You can also borrow or buy a book from the local library or download a podcast or an audiobook. Some people also love to stock foods appropriate for recoveries like smoothies and yogurts.

It’s would also help to ask our endodontist near you to recommend a pain management method for you. If possible, have the necessary medications in advance and have a trusted friend or a family member pick them for you.

Meditation And Relaxation Techniques

If you haven’t already practiced, this is an excellent time to experiment. Meditation, prayer and visualization, and listening to soothing music can help deal with stress and dental-related anxiety.

Learning a few new techniques or using those that suit you can alleviate anxiety issues before endodontic treatment. Better even, you do not have to find a coach or specialist. Many apps are issuing guided visualizations and some relaxation techniques that you can use privately at home. Headspace and Calm are good app options.

Find the Right Endodontist

Knowing that you are in the hands of the right endodontist to perform the root canal goes a long way in eliminating stress and anxiety. Any procedure gets less stressful when you know that your provider is a skilled specialist.

Ask friends, relatives, or colleagues who previously underwent root canals where they were treated. Additionally, your dentist will know the best-trained professionals in the area. You can also go further and request a consultation to discuss your concerns about the root canal procedure with the specialist.

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