What Are The Conditions When Dental Implants Are Better Than Getting A Denture?

What Are The Conditions When Dental Implants Are Better Than Getting A Denture?

Nov 02, 2022

Dentures and dental implants are unparalleled options for replacing missing teeth. The dental solutions are long-lasting, and they restore your dental functionality. However, our dentist in Columbia may recommend you to have dental implants over dentures based on various reasons. Dental implants can serve as dental replacements for a lifetime if well preserved with the right dental hygiene practices. Your specialist will assess your dental to determine the ideal replacement option. This article evaluates various circumstances that may necessitate tooth replacement with a dental implant.

What’s a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a restorative dental placement surgically embedded into your jawbone. It’s used to replace tooth roots and enhance jaw bone regeneration. The titanium rod used in the procedure fuses with the jaw bone, and after healing, an artificial tooth is placed to replace your missing tooth.

If you’ve not replaced your missing tooth over a log tie, your bone is likely to have deteriorated, and bone grafting can be done before having a tooth implant in Columbia. If you have no complications, your specialist may recommend having same-day dental implants. Implants are a permanent and viable solution for replacing your teeth. They are permanently inserted into the jaw, unlike removable dentures. You don’t have to worry about slip-offs during meals since the artificial tooth is also permanently anchored by the dental implant.

The Significance Of Dental Implants Over Dentures

Dental implants near you restore your dental structure and your facial symmetry. Both options replace the gap left by a missing tooth. However, implants are more preferred than dentures due to the following benefits:

Prevention Of Bone Deterioration

A tooth implant in Columbia replaces your tooth roots and prevents your bone from further deterioration. Unlike dentures anchored on the gum line for aesthetic purposes, dental implants replace your missing tooth and prevent your bone from receding.

Ideal Alternative To Natural Teeth

Dental implants restore all your natural tooth functionalities. They are robust enough to withstand chewing and biting impact and do not have dietary restrictions. However, dentures require periodic replacements, and you might be limited to a particular diet.

Dental Implants Permanently Replace Your Missing Tooth

Dentures will need to be replaced after some time since they are not as robust as dental implants. However, with the right oral hygiene regimen, dental implants near you can serve you for a lifetime. Your gum tissues are likely irritated if you wear dentures on your gum line. Additionally, you might develop an infection on your gum tissues if you don’t uphold proper oral hygiene standards. However, a dental implant doesn’t irritate and is the ideal option for your missing tooth replacement.

No Special Care Or Maintenance Required

Unlike dentures that need to be cleaned daily, dental implants require you to brush ad floss regularly, and they are more viable in maintenance than dentures.

Are Tooth Implants More Suitable Than Dentures?

Despite being more affordable than implants, dentures can’t address the issue of bone deterioration. Missing a tooth leads to the recession of bone connective tissues, and a dental implant is a viable solution for stimulating bone regrowth. In addition, the adjacent teeth may tilt towards to space left by the missing tooth leading to facial collapse, which alters your facial appearance, making it difficult to wear dentures. Our dentist in Columbia recommends you have a dental implant and prevent further jawbone deterioration and tooth loss. Dental implants prevent severe and long-lived health issues in the future.

Are You An Eligible Candidate For Dental Implants?

The placement of a dental implant requires you to have healthy gum tissues and adequate bone mass to facilitate successful osseointegration. The implant is fully anchored to support the artificial tooth with sufficient bone density. At Model Dental Clinic, we examine your dental and determine if oral tissues are healthy enough to support a dental implant. We also perform bone grafting if your bone mass is inadequate.

If your oral tissues are healthy, we can provide you with same-day dental implants to replace your missing teeth. However, if you aren’t an ideal candidate, we recommend you have alternative replacement options like dentures. Please consult our specialist on the perfect replacement option for your missing teeth today.

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