Should Your Child Visit A Dentist? Here Is What You Need To Know

Should Your Child Visit A Dentist? Here Is What You Need To Know

May 01, 2020

Most of the babies do not start growing teeth until they attain he ages of around six months. However, this does not mean that they do not need oral care from birth. Infant dental care is critical not just after the babies have started growing teeth but even before they have teeth. It is essential that their mouths are keep clean and in the perfect condition. An initial visit to the dentist should be made before the child turns one year old. Dental experts’ advice that the parents should ensure that the child gets to visit a dentist within this period.

A good dental condition and oral health starts early. To ensure that your child gets to enjoy the best oral health and dental condition, necessary measures should be taken at the earliest time possible. General dentistry visits at these early ages can prevent the occurrence of permanent damages that will affect the teeth or your child in future.

Importance of infants and children’s oral health

Here are some of the reasons why infants and children’s oral health is important.

While infants may not have teeth, they still need the attention of a dentist and the necessary oral health to attend to their gums. Gums care is an important aspect of oral health. The care ensures that the gums are clean and free of any harmful bacteria. At this age, children tend to put anything in the mouth that may be carrying germs. Simple gum health care such as regular cleaning and other as prescribed by the dentist will be necessary.

When the baby will start teething, he or she will suffer some discomfort. The eruption of teeth comes with some effects such as irritating gums that may make the child fussy and irritated at all times. Children tend to put anything on their teeth at this stage. Proper cleaning and oral hygiene is thus very important.

Children and infant oral car helps in addressing baby bottle tooth decay. Also referred to as early child dental caries, baby bottle tooth decay is a critical aspect of infant tooth decay. It is caused by extensive exposure to sugary foods specifically liquids over a long period of time. The condition can cause serious damage to the child’s teeth. In addition, if left untreated, the condition can have extensive effects on the child’s oral care. It is important that regular checkup and practicing of recommended oral health practices.

Use of pacifier has been associated with oral health issues. Children love suckling it not only calms them but also offers them the comfort that they need. A pacifier has become an important aspect for addressing suckling needs. However, long-term use of the pacifier may cause oral health issues. This is more likely to happen if the child continues to suckle after the teeth have started falling. It is important to consider oral health measures continuously to prevent any issues that may emerge and ensure that the child’s situation is under control and does not worsen.

Thumb sucking has the same effect as a pacifier. When extensively practiced over a long period of time, oral health issues may emerge. It is important to specifically for children who are sucking their thumbs to pay attention to their oral health condition and ensure best practices are maintained. Observing the recommended oral health practices will not only ensure that the mouth is in the right condition but will also enable prevention of possible emerging issues.

Having your child checked and his or her dental condition assessed is essential for the best dental care possible. Visits to the dentists are recommended not just for the procedure but also for advice on the best dental care practices that are necessary. A visit to the general dentistry will provide the needed solution to guarantee the best dental condition in future. Irrespective of the age of the child other than the very young infants, make a point of visiting the dentist for observation of the oral health situation and necessary procedures that will improve the situation and offers a long term solution to any dental problems that your child may have. In addition, starting to pay attention to your child’s dental health at the earliest possible will prove to be economical in future.

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