Overcoming Denture Pain and Discomfort  by Identifying the Cause

Overcoming Denture Pain and Discomfort by Identifying the Cause

Oct 01, 2022

After getting dentures to replace missing teeth, you might expect comfort wearing the dentures and enjoying life with your artificial teeth. Instead, you might experience pain and discomfort, making it challenging to chew, talk, or swallow. Fortunately, if assessed, the discomfort from dentures quickly alleviates if you try to determine what is causing the pain. To help denture users enjoy comfortable and pain-free dead denture use, this article provides some potential causes for the discomfort and its solutions.

If you recently had missing teeth replaced with dentures near you, we suggest to  continue discovering how you can ensure your replacement teeth remain comfortable and enable you to use them for years without discomfort.

Reasons for Denture Discomfort

Denture discomfort can arise for many reasons. However, some causes are listed below for your reference:

  • Infection: Bacterial buildup on the prosthetic because of improper dental hygiene can create tender areas and sores, making the dentures uncomfortable.
  • Changing Jawline: with time, your gums begin shrinking to alter the fit of the dentures, making them inappropriate for your jawbone and resulting in sore spots.
  • Chipped or Cracked Dentures: If part of your denture has worn off in a specific area, it can create rough edges to cause skin discomfort and sore patches.
  • New Prosthetics: Whenever you get your new dentures, you can expect discomfort during the initial days of wearing them. You can expect pain in your gums when they become accustomed to your dentures.

You might find it challenging to determine the precise reasons causing denture discomfort, making it essential to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Columbia to identify and correct the problem bothering you.

Overcoming Denture Discomfort

Solutions to overcome denture discomfort are relatively straightforward but might require help from your prosthodontist or the Columbia dentist, an expert in these matters.

When you schedule your appointment with the practice reporting discomfort with your dental prosthetics, the professional will check the dentures and your mouth to determine the precise causes of your pain. Please approach the practice with an open mind, ready to accept suggestions provided by the professional that helps you overcome denture discomfort quickly to make it pleasant for you to show off your artificial teeth.

Repairing or Relining Your Dentures

If you experience discomfort from cracked, worn, or damaged dentures, skilled technicians at the Columbia dentists practice are available and willing to repair and reline your prosthetics. The process involves coating the denture with acrylic resin to ensure it matches the contours of your gums. The speedy procedure ensures your denture fits perfectly for reasonable prices. In addition, if your dentures have cracked, chipped, or are damaged, you can have them repaired with the facility at the earliest.

Improving Your Denture Hygiene

The Columbia dentist might recommend improving your oral hygiene and cleaning your dentures thoroughly at night to eliminate all bacteria accumulated on them from your mouth. Thorough cleaning of your dentures reduces the chances of bacterial buildup on the denture and causes issues like soreness in the mouth, denture breath, et cetera.

Perseverance Essential When Wearing Dentures

When you start life with artificial teeth like partials and dentures, perseverance is the key to getting accustomed to the prosthetics, especially when eating and speaking with them in your mouth. In addition, your gums require some time to get accustomed to alien appliances, so you must persevere with wearing them until you become more comfortable chewing with the dentures.

Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures aren’t merely your artificial teeth. In reality, they are a substitute for the natural teeth you miss and remain in your mouth for the better part of the day. The dentist recommends you remove them at night for cleaning and storage and maintain them appropriately.

Brushing your dentures once a day is insufficient and needs proper attention, similar to your natural teeth. It includes visits to your dentist frequently, even if you are not experiencing discomfort from the appliances. Your dentist is an optimal professional to identify early signs of needing denture repairs or relining to reduce the risk of discomfort and pain later. Dental professionals can also recognize signs of bacterial buildup on the dentures to advise you to change your oral hygiene routine to prevent unnecessary complications with your artificial teeth.

Model Dental Clinic provide dentures to many patients advising them on the care the dentures need. If you experience denture pain or discomfort, this practice can help you overcome the challenges and provide all services required to make the dentures comfortable.

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