Is It Safe to Wear Dentures Overnight?

Is It Safe to Wear Dentures Overnight?

May 05, 2022

After losing your natural teeth, you go through a challenge before you finally get your shiny new dentures. It’s natural for you and even recommended by the dentist in Columbia to keep the dentures in your mouth the first night. Dentures act as a bandage to help your gums recover quickly. However, is it a good idea to wear dentures overnight, or are they better removed from your mouth when sleeping?

When sleeping, leaving your dentures on in the mouth does more harm than good. Please read this article for more information if you want to learn how or why.

What Benefits Accrue When Not Wearing Dentures at Night?

The steps mentioned below not only help keep your dentures stain-free but will also protect them against bacterial buildup. Dentures removal at night also provides your gum tissue some much-needed rest.

There are many benefits of removing your dentures when sleeping at night. They are:

  • Preventing Bone Loss: Dentures put pressure on your gums and bone to accelerate bone resorption.
  • Ensuring A Tighter Fit: Dentures tend to become loose to increase the chances of slipping and reduce the variety of foods you can eat due to bone loss and gum resorption. Removing the dentures ensures the appliances retain their tighter fit.
  • Preventing Bacterial Growth: The place where the dentures rest on your gums becomes a breeding ground for bacteria resulting in morning bad breath and gum disease eventually. When you wear your dentures overnight, your gums are deprived of bacteria-free rest.
  • Preventing Gum Inflammation: Sleeping with your dentures can adversely affect saliva flow blocking its path and giving rise to denture stomatitis. This condition is also known as thrush, where the space beneath your dentures residents gets red and swollen. It also leads to yeast-infected inflamed gums.

How to Care for Your Dentures Overnight?

The optimal way to keep your mouth healthy and ensure your dentures extend their lifespan is to remove them every night for a thorough cleaning. Before you begin cleaning your dentures, you must prepare your bathroom. You can remove the dentures from your mouth only after filling the sink with water. Roll a towel to place it on the edge of the sink. If you are concerned about your dentures falling or breaking, you might want to lay another towel on the floor.

Use a warm water gargle to loosen the seal of the denture adhesive to help yourself make it easier to remove the dentures. Start by removing the bottom denture before moving to the top denture. It helps if you keep in mind that different dentures require different approaches when removing them.

After removing the dentures from your mouth, rinse them under running water to help remove loose food particles. Next, brush the dentures with a denture brush or a soft-bristled regular toothbrush. You must avoid any toothpaste with abrasives to prevent damage to your dental appliance. Instead, you can use water or denture paste for the cleaning.

Denture adhesive residues remain in your mouth after removing the appliance. Therefore you must gargle with warm water and wipe along your gums with a clean washcloth. Rinse your mouth with warm water again. Using a very soft toothbrush to brush your gums is suggested by dentists. If you are wearing partial dentures near me, don’t forget to brush your natural teeth after cleaning the dentures. You can also use over-the-counter rinses for oral freshness and prevent dental plaque buildup on your remaining natural teeth or remove bacteria from your gums.

If you do not have permanent dentures fixed on dental implants, store the dental appliance in a cleaning solution or water overnight. You can also use fast-acting cleansers initially and keep your denture in water after that. However, ensure that you follow the instructions on the pack of the denture cleanser. If you use partial dentures, ensure that you use a cleaning solution specifically created for the partials.

Next morning rinse your dentures in water thoroughly before reinserting them in your mouth.

Whether you get dentures near me to replace one or several missing teeth caring for the dental appliance is a requirement you cannot ignore. Unless you have permanent dentures in your mouth, the removable devices need appropriate care and removal every night before sleeping. Therefore wearing dentures overnight is not a good idea unless it is for an initial couple of days.

If you consider tooth replacement solutions with dentures, please contact Model Dental Clinic for the dental appliance and all instructions on how to care for them.

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