How Long Do The Effects of Teeth Whitening Last?

How Long Do The Effects of Teeth Whitening Last?

Feb 01, 2023

Are you happy with your smile? If not, you can achieve a brighter and healthier-looking smile by teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental practice that helps to reduce yellow and dark stains on our teeth. It brightens up our teeth to be more attractive to people. At Model Dental Clinic, we offer various teeth whitening options. Visit our nearest dental office to learn more about teeth whitening near you.

How Long Will Teeth Whitening Last?

But how long does it last? Well, teeth whitening treatment may last as little as six months or up to three years. The effects are determined by various factors, such as treatment options and lifestyle choices. Factors that can stain your teeth after whitening include:

  • Smoking or tobacco chewing
  • Highly pigmented foods substances like berries, cheerios, or beetroots
  • Beverages such as coffee, wine, carbonated drinks, and tea

What are the Causes of Tooth Discoloration?

When we get our permanent, they are normally fairly white. Unfortunately, they aren’t pearly white, as seen in toothpaste commercials. As we age with time, our teeth become discolored. Their dull and dark appearance is usually attributed to the following:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Certain medications and mouth rinses
  • Age
  • Genetics. Some people have a whiter or thicker enamel which gives them a brighter smile.
  • Certain foods and beverages, such as apples, potatoes, and wine.

Types of Teeth Whitening

When seeking teeth whitening treatment, the dentist advises on a shade that isn’t artificial but one that has a natural level of brightness. Here are tooth-bleaching options to help you achieve that dazzling smile you dream about.

Whitening Toothpaste

Teeth whitening toothpaste contains mild abrasives and other ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that whiten and polish teeth. The toothpaste is used several days a week or daily for two to six weeks for effective results. Results from whitening toothpaste usually last three to four months and could take longer if you continuously use the toothpaste. However, overuse of whitening paste can lead to tooth sensitivity and enamel erosion. If you must use tooth whitening toothpaste constantly, alternate it with regular toothpaste to strengthen your enamel.

In-office Whitening

Professional teeth bleaching is an excellent way to pull-off lasting results of having brighter teeth. According to our dentist in Columbia, MD, in-office teeth whitening can last up to three years with proper care. During your whitening procedure, the dentist applies a bleaching gel on your teeth and uses a unique light to activate the gel. The process is painless and usually takes about an hour. In addition, products used for professional teeth whitening are generally stronger than over-the-counter teeth whitening kits.

Additionally, when it comes to in-office teeth whitening, there are several options available. The one that is best depends on how severely your teeth are stained and the level of whiteness you want to accomplish. For example, LED teeth whitening is a common treatment that brightens your teeth up to ten times an hour. This laser whitening treatment is best when removing deep stains or discoloration.

The Counter Teeth Whitening Strips

Are you looking for an affordable teeth-whitening method? Then over-the-counter teeth whitening strips are a great choice for you. The strips contain hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down with time. And because of this, the whitening effects will timely fade after a few weeks. Generally, expect the results to last for about four to six weeks. However, the process may vary depending on the brand you are using.

At-Home Whitening Trays

This teeth-whitening option gives patients a chance to get brighter teeth without going to the dentist. But what’s their lifespan? Well, teeth-whitening tray’s effects last depending on how long you wear the trays, the type of gel used, and how well you follow the post-whitening tips.

Generally, the effect of the whitening tray usually lasts between four to six months. However, if a stronger peroxide is used or wears the trays for a longer period, the effect may last up to a year.

The at-home whitening trays can also be obtained from the dentist. They will make custom-made trays that will fit your mouth, making them effective and comfier. Follow the dentist’s guidelines on how often you should use the trays.

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