Dental Fillings: When Do They Need Replacements?

Dental Fillings: When Do They Need Replacements?

Aug 01, 2023

Dental fillings are restorations dentists place in teeth affected by tooth decay to restore functionality and aesthetics. The fillers are not permanent restorations and will wear down over time. Pivoting on the kind of dental filling you receive and the care you provide to your teeth, the filling materials will require replacements sooner or later.

If you received fillings to treat a cavity earlier, it helps if you watch over the restoration and contact the dentist in Colombia if you think the repair is causing problems. Leaving a dental filling unattended when causing problems can result in additional dental health consequences.

Paying Attention to the Indicators

If your dental filling loosens and you are unaware, food particles and dental plaque can remain trapped in the spaces between the filling and your tooth. Therefore you must pay attention to the condition of the restorations and seek replacements as appropriate. Several factors work together when trying to determine when dental fillings need replacements.

Which Filling Material Do You Have in Your Tooth?

The filling material restoring your tooth will significantly impact when you need replacements. For example, if you have received dental amalgam to fix a cavity in your molar, the material will last for over a decade with proper care. However, as mentioned earlier, amalgam fillings can eventually expand and contract to loosen and require replacements.

If you have gold fillings, the material lasts the longest. Gold fillers stay on your teeth for three decades without needing replacements. However, the time can vary between patients depending on their care for the restored tooth and overall dental hygiene.

The time frame for replacing dental fillings reduces considerably if you have tooth-colored composite resin fillings, which have a five to seven years lifespan. However, you can extend the longevity of tooth-colored fillings by maintaining excellent dental hygiene and caring for your teeth appropriately.

Oral Health Problems

If you have suffered dental damage from trauma, infections, or additional decay, you may require more frequent tooth filling near you than anticipated. If dental issues have impacted a restored tooth, the filler in the tooth can loosen, making it essential to replace it.

All dental fillers last from five to 30 years, depending on the specific material. The location of the tooth receiving the teeth gap filling, your dental hygiene regimen, and routine stops at your dentist for exams and cleanings all play a role when determining when you need replacements for existing fillings.

Filling materials do not just pop out of your teeth but exhibit signs indicating you need replacements to restore your tooth. Below are some indicators of needing replacements for dental fillings.

Signs Indicating You Need Dental Filling Replacements

There are many signs indicating you need replacements for dental fillings. Mentioned below are some for your reference:

  • Tooth sensitivity indicates that the filler has cracked and needs professional attention from the Columbia dentist.
  • If the restored tooth hurts at the site of the filling, it means the filling has worn and needs replacement before your tooth sustains additional damage.
  • If the filling falls out, it indicates trouble because you must schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist.

How to Maintain Dental Fillings?

Maintaining dental fillings is easy because after you restore your tooth, you must follow the Columbia dentist’s instructions and maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once without exceptions, and getting dental prophylaxis at six monthly intervals or earlier as the dentist recommends.

Besides the above, you must refrain from consuming sugary and starchy foods responsible for the buildup of dental plaque on your teeth to prevent tooth decay from affecting you. If you are affected by bruxism, wearing a customized nightguard helps avoid damaging the dental fillers of your teeth from the constant teeth grinding. With tooth-colored composite resin fillings, you must refrain from using your teeth to open packets and stop indulging in habits that might damage the restorative material.

Most importantly, it would help if you visited the dentist for regular exams and cleanings when they can examine the fillings and advise whether you need replacements for the restorations. Dentists can also provide a tailor-made treatment plan to ensure you don’t confront a dental situation that calls for filling replacements when least anticipated.

If you have filters in your teeth, it helps if you schedule appointments with Model Dental Clinic to assess the restorations. The dental practice will examine the filling material in your tooth to determine how long it can last and when it will need replacements. However, it is always better to replace dental fillings before they become loose, leak, or fall out, making it essential to schedule appointments with them for oral health.

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