7 Unique Facts About Dental Crowns That You Should Know

7 Unique Facts About Dental Crowns That You Should Know

Sep 01, 2022

If it’s true that a smile can say 1,000 words, what does yours say? Are your teeth in perfect condition, or are they flawed and need restoration?

Your teeth do play a role in your overall appearance and health. They are necessary for chewing, maintaining facial structure, and speech. However, if they are affected in one way or another, they will not perform as they are designed to. That’s why our dentist near you offers tooth crowns as a restorative treatment, especially if you are dealing with severely damaged teeth.

Since crowns can alter your smile in a heartbeat, there is no reason to live with a smile marred by cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth. Crowns are considered among the best tooth restorations since they can reinforce a tooth.

Without further ado, let’s check out a few facts about crowns.

  1. They Can Replace Missing Teeth

You must wonder if a crown is a tooth replacement or a restorative treatment. Technically, crowns are used to restore severely damaged teeth. In other scenarios, they can be used to replace teeth.

For instance, if you lose a tooth, several tooth replacement options, including implants. Tooth implants are root-sized rods that our dentist places in the jawbone. However, implants need to be covered, and crowns are used to cap them. In other words, the implant is the root replacement, whereas the crown is the tooth replacement.

  1. They Preserve Natural Teeth

The only instance a crown is used as a tooth replacement is when it covers a tooth implant. But in other cases, it is used to cap or cover a damaged tooth. A dental crown in Columbia, MD, is tooth-like in every way and so can mimic the tooth’s function and appearance.

They are your last resort when your teeth are decayed or damaged since the next option would be tooth extraction. Tooth extractions were the only option when teeth were severely damaged or decayed.

Thank goodness there are crowns! Our dentist can save your teeth by removing the damaged and decayed part, shaping it, and then placing the dental crown over the tooth. So, our dentist will treat the issue and salvage the remaining tooth structure.

When a crown covers the tooth, it is protected from more damage.

  1. They Can Replace Chunky Fillings

At times patients undergo root canals and receive chunky fillings. The problem is that chunky fillings can weaken teeth and lead to cracks or fractures. However, getting a tooth crown can be beneficial since they reinforce a tooth. A filling cannot keep the tooth strong because a tooth weakens when there is a hole in it.

Therefore, our dentist can remove the chunky fillings, shape the tooth, and then cover it using a tooth cap.

  1. Crowns Are Customized

A loose crown comes with a myriad of problems, including plaque accumulating along the gumline. If this happens, you can develop gum disease or even tooth loss. What’s more, it can be difficult to chew or speak properly.

Our dentist will ensure you get a customized crown to eradicate this problem. This means that your dental impressions will be taken to facilitate the fabrication of your crown that will be perfect for your mouth.

  1. They Restore Teeth Aesthetically

A beautiful smile does wonders to your confidence. That’s why you should always look for options to ensure your smile remains in tip-top condition. You can go for porcelain crowns in Columbia since they have unmatched aesthetics.

  1. Crowns Are Made Using Several Materials

The beauty of living in our time is that there are vast technological advancements in all fields, including dentistry. That means you can get the solution that meets your needs and preferences.

Therefore, when looking for dental crowns, be prepared to choose among several options. We have gold tooth caps, porcelain crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, and much more.

  1. They Don’t Easily Break

There’s a common misconception that crowns are so fragile that they will break when you bite down certain foods. They are actually much stronger than you’d imagine. Besides, why would you chew very hard objects? This action will also destroy natural teeth. So, it’s safe to say if you care for them as you would your natural teeth, they’d last long.

Now that you have explored seven facts about crowns, are you willing to give them a try? If you are, contact us at Model Dental Clinic to schedule an appointment.

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