6 Ways to Improve Your Smile With Dental Crowns

6 Ways to Improve Your Smile With Dental Crowns

Jan 04, 2022

A dental crown can improve a smile in many ways by giving your teeth a more pleasing appearance. So, when this tooth-like cap is placed over your teeth by the dentist near you, it covers several flaws in the tooth. Find out below how dental crowns in Columbia can help you have that smile you desire.

How Dental Crowns Improve Your Smile

  1. Protecting and Strengthening Damaged or Worn Down Teeth

Trauma to your face may leave some of your teeth chipped, broken, or damaged. Also, individuals who grind their teeth may wear them down. It leaves the inner part of the tooth exposed. Dental decay can severely damage your teeth by causing dental cavities. Sometimes, a dental filling may not adequately repair the tooth.

In such a case, the dentist in Columbia will use a crown to protect the teeth from further damage. When the cap is placed entirely over the teeth by the dentist, the teeth are strengthened. The crown also covers the tooth enamel and prevents issues such as tooth sensitivity. You do not have to extract a severely damaged tooth. Have your dentist treat it and place a crown over it.

  1. Restoring Teeth’s Normal Function

When your teeth are damaged or missing, they cannot function normally. Eating becomes difficult since your damaged teeth may be sensitive to extreme temperatures. You may also have difficulties chewing food if you have a missing tooth. Some people with missing teeth have problems speaking and may talk with a lisp.

Your dentist may use a porcelain fused metal crown to restore your teeth’s full chewing ability. A damaged tooth that is weak and cannot chew food is strengthened using crowns. The crown protects the tooth enamel, therefore, preventing teeth sensitivity. In addition, that missing tooth can be replaced with the help of a crown, improving your chewing and talking abilities.

  1. Improving Teeth’s Appearance

Dental crowns can be used to whiten a tooth that is severely discolored or stained. Some stains or discolorations cannot be removed even by professional dental whitening treatments. These are known as intrinsic stains. They may be caused by dental trauma that affects tooth roots. They may also be due to certain medications or health conditions like Celiac disease.

The dentist near you will use a porcelain crown to cover the stains and discoloration. Porcelain crowns are resistant to staining or discoloring. They thus, give you permanently whitened teeth. These crowns look completely natural and give your teeth a new look. In addition, front tooth crowns are used on your smiling teeth to cover their flaws, adding to the beauty of your smile.

  1. Help in Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental crowns in Columbia are used in teeth restoration treatments. For instance, a crown is involved when the dentist uses a dental bridge to replace your missing tooth. The dental professional will place porcelain crowns over the teeth that anchor the bridge. These crowns will strengthen the teeth so that they offer adequate support to the bridge.

Also, after a dental implant procedure, a crown of your choice is placed over the titanium post. The permanent crown is custom-made to appear and function like your natural teeth. Your dentist will choose crowns that are similarly colored to your teeth for a uniform appearance.

  1. Strengthening and Protecting Teeth After Root Canal Treatments

Your extensively decayed tooth may need a root canal at the dentist’s office near you to treat it. During the root canal procedure, the dentist may remove a large part of the decayed tooth. When the hole remains too large to be filled, a crown will be placed over the tooth. The crown will strengthen the brittle tooth and protect it from further decay and damage.

  1. Reshaping Teeth

Individuals with crooked or smaller than average teeth can have their smile improved with dental crowns. For example, you may have some short or crooked teeth, which do not match the rest of your smile. Crowns can make these teeth appear longer and uniformly compared with the rest in the mouth.

Contact us at Model Dental Clinic if you are searching for a dentist’s office near you for dental crowns. We offer various types of dental crowns to ensure that you have the smile of your choice. Cover those dental imperfections for a beautiful, confident smile.

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